New Life Massage (Postnatal)
  • Postnatal massage

60 min / 90 min – 84 Euro / 115 Euro


After childbirth, postpartum mothers often desire to renew their pre-pregnancy body. With the unique massage technique and ingredients of Postnatal massage, it helps new mothers to reduce water retention in specific areas such as the abdomen and thighs. Blood circulation enhances with postnatal massage to help burn body fat faster. Postnatal massage therapy relax muscles in breastfeeding mothers which naturally help to lower stress hormones, increase blood circulation and decreases swelling. This will automatically clear the engorgements and increase breast milk supply as blocked ducts are cleared. Childbirth delivery changes a mother’s well being entirely. Postnatal massage help to encourage the discharge of lochia, pelvic positions and improve the abdominal organs to be positioned as it used to be.

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